Saturday, January 28, 2012

God's Sweet Notes of Confirmation

This evening I got to spend time with my hubby one on one....we had a DATE night! My mom was kind enough to watch the babies so we could have dinner. I stopped and thought, should we really be going to dinner, or should we be holding on to every penny we can for the adoption? God really showed himself faithful to us this evening and I wanted to share what we experienced.

We had some things to take back to various stores that all happen to be around my hubby's work. By the time we were done, we had returned about $100 worth of stuff...which is cool, but what happened next is ever cooler!

Aaron and Charity Clayton are our friends/neighbors that adopted their son internationally in 2009. Earlier in the week I texted with Charity to share the news of our adoption pursuit and wanted to chat with them about their experiences. We were thinking that a weekend would probably be best to get together. Tonight, we ran into them at Grapevine Mills Mall, which is 45 minutes away from where we live! Getting to chat with them, even for a few moments was such a blessing!I feel like when God does these types of things, it is like a little love note to us :> (Here's their blog-

Next, we went to dinner at Carrabbas, which I love, but can be pricey. We had a little situation with our waiter where we felt like he was rushing us, so we requested a new one. The new waiter had a twin that worked there and they both served was so cool! Then, he suprised us with a chocolate dessert. I love me some chocolate, so I was thinking this was great! We were ready to settle up, and he told us that the WHOLE MEAL was on the house....amazing! Of course, we left a nice tip, but isn't God good? Here I was concerned about going to dinner and he had a plan to care for us all along. I pray that I can take the example of this evening with us through this adoption journey. No matter what I think and see, I need to remember that he's got this and we just need to be obedient :>

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