Saturday, February 25, 2012

About Us

As part of our Reece's Rainbow paperwork, we have been working on our "About Us". Here is what we have :)

Jason and Lori Fields met in the fall of 2002, when Lori began attending Hillcrest
Baptist Church in Cedar Hill. TX. They began to connect as friends while
singing in the choir at the Billy Graham Crusade. The theme of the crusade was,
“God knows how it may change your life” and boy was this true for them! Lori
endured a difficult divorce over the next few months and Jason was right there
to encourage and support her. The two began to date exclusively and became
engaged on October 17th 2004 at Texas Stadium, were the Billy Graham
Crusade was held! They were married on June 24th 2005.

Jason andLori both accepted Christ in their teenage years and starting out their
marriage, knew they wanted to be open to follow God’s call on their lives,
wherever that may take them. Lori’s parents spent their teenage years at
Buckner Baptist Children’s home and her parents were married right out of high
school. Due to that, she has always felt connected to the foster/adoption
world. Lori experienced fertility issues in her first marriage and was not sure
if they would be able to conceive and they began to research foster/adoption
opportunities. God surprised and blessed them when they found out they were
pregnant their very first married Christmas in 2005. Their son, James Curtis
was born in 2006.

They knew they wanted to continue to grow their family and after their son was born, they
began to try for another baby. God used this time in their lives to teach them
what it really looked like to live lives of obedience. All of 2007 and much of
2008 came and went, without that positive pregnancy test. Lori felt God spoke
to her in October 2008 and told her to give away all her maternity clothes, as
an act of obedience. Although this was a very difficult thing to do, Lori gave
them away….and the very next weekend they found out they were pregnant with
precious Audrey Grace!

During her pregnancy, Lori began to follow Angie Smith’s blog, which is now located at She began
to grow deeper in her walk with Christ, reading how Angie shared her
experiences while carrying her sweet baby girl, Audrey, who would be born to
live a few short hours, but touch the lives of a tremendous amount of people.
Jason and Lori chose to name their daughter Audrey in honor of this season of
spiritual growth in their lives.

Through blog reading, Lori was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow and began to feel God’s
call to advocate for the special needs orphans in Eastern Europe. Jason and
Lori knew they felt God calling them to be involved in orphan care in some way,
but were not fully certain what that would look like. They were blessed with
baby #3, Madelyn Rose in June of 2011.

During Christmas/New Years 2011, their pastor began to preach on topics that
highlighted adoption and sharing details about their own adoption experience of
their youngest child. In this time Jason and Lori knew that they were hearing
God begin to shape and direct the call for adoption on their lives. In that
same time, Adeye on her blog
was advocating for high risk orphans that needed families immediately. Jason
and Lori began to pray and seek God’s will for them in an International Special
Needs Adoption. They inquired on a
specific child that turned out to have such significant medical needs, they
knew they would not be able to meet them and they were heartbroken. But,
God….but God himself used this experience to solidify the call on their lives
to become adoptive parents of a child with special needs.

The Fields Family would ask that you partner with them in prayer and if possible in
finances. They have stepped out in faith, knowing that God will bring what is
needed in order to fulfill his call, please prayerfully consider joining them
in their efforts to bring their precious child home. “17 Thank God! Once you were
slaves of sin, but now you wholeheartedly obey this teaching we have given you.
“Romans 6:17

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